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Galerie Dina Vierny is pleased to present the exhibition “Ra’anan Levy – Engravings” which follows the exhibition of recent works by the artist, shown in the fall of 2020.
For this new hanging, the gallery brings together a selection of 31 prints made for nearly 10 years at the ARTE printing press and targets a little-known part of the artist’s work, that of a frantic search towards the subtle elaboration of his large canvases. With a certain taste for the creative process and the monochrome which perfectly serves the dramatic effect of his pictorial approach, Ra’anan Levy explores the recurring themes treated to the point of obsession for more than a decade: mirrors, empty interiors, portraits and self-portraits, manholes, books, hands, nudes… Here, he exhausts the motif and uses a technique which allows to consider several states and possibilities, thus authorizing all the repetitions and all the novelties. Rich, daring and complex, his engravings mix various processes such as drypoint, aquatint, etching, or scraper … Like a magician, Ra’anan Levy plays with these tools to create intense and dark sets where dreams and realities are fragmented. In the lineage of Piranesi, Borges or Rembrandt, he gives birth to real little worlds of inner poetry.

An engraving by Ra’anan Levy will be specially edited for the exhibition (limited to 15 copies).
A catalog presenting a selection enlarged to 56 engravings as well as a text by the print historian Maxime Préaud will accompany the exhibition.
The exhibition “Ra’anan Levy – Gravures” is produced in partnership with the Maeght gallery.

Ra’anan Levy, The Flayed, 2021
Etching on Hanemülhe paper
Edition of 15

Du 7 décembre 2021 au 29 janvier 2022


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