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Lydia Masterkova. An enriched retrospective


In spring 2022, the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow will present a retrospective exhibition of Lydia Masterkova (1927-2008), an artist who continued the tradition of the “Amazons of the Russian avant-garde” and represented the non-figurative practices of Soviet art in the 20th century.

Affiliated with Oscar Rabin and Vladimir Niemukhin, her husband, in the underground movement of unofficial art in the USSR, Lydia Masterkova was a member of the informal circle Lianozovo, for creative freedom in Russia. She thus opposed the official Socialist Realism.
Her protean work includes oil paintings, inks on paper, collages and textile creations, often using materials from looted churches. She is interested in Russian poetry of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, a period known as the Silver Age, marked by great creativity and dominated by the artistic movements of Russian Symbolism and Futurism.
In addition to Masterkova’s works, the exhibition will also feature works by her contemporaries and older friends, Hilma af Klint (1862-1944), Efrosinya Yermilova-Platova (1895-1974) and Eva Levina-Rozengolts (1898-1975), each of whom achieved abstraction in their own way. 

For this exhibition, the Dina Vierny Gallery is pleased to lend a set of 21 pieces from the Planets series, created by Lydia Masterkova in 1976-77.

Lydia Masterkova. An enriched retrospective
Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow
March – July 2022

Image: Lydia Masterkova, Composition with Watermelon, 1962. Oil on canvas. © Tsukanov Family Foundation


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