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Maillol Horvat


Exhibition Maillol Horvat, curated by Àlex Susanna.

On one hand, the show presents the terracotta work of the Catalan sculptor, painter and printmaker Aristides Maillol (Banyuls de la Marenda 1861 – 1944), a veritable testing ground for forms where he let his imagination run free, from his early works from 1899 to his final pieces from 1937. On the other, it presents the photographs Frank Horvat (Opatija, 1928) took of Maillol’s terracotta pieces, suggesting a circular reading of each one and that, by circling each terracotta, we should never presume that one angle is better than another for viewing them.

The display brings together a total of eighteen small-format terracottas and fifty-nine 80×120 cm photographs. Being a somewhat unconventional exhibition, not only due to its twin authorship but to the fact that it is as much about the works of a sculptor as it is about those of a photographer, we could say that one is the point of departure for the other while together they make up a complete exhibition.

FUNDACIO VILA CASAS / Espais Volart, Barcelona


More information: https://www.fundaciovilacasas.com/en/exhibition/maillol-horvat

Opening hours and access: https://www.fundaciovilacasas.com/en/museum/espais-volart-barcelona


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