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Thursday 18 November from 18:00 to 20:30 – Signing of the book “Judit Reigl: Interview with Janos Gat”


The Dina Vierny Gallery is pleased to invite you to a book signing of “Judit Reigl: Interview with Janos Gat” by the author, gallery owner and friend of the artist, Janos Gat. Partner of the event, the AWARE association aims to give visibility to women artists. In 2017, it awarded the honorary prize to Judit Reigl and is co-publishing this collection of interviews alongside Manuella Editions.

“In this beautiful and unpublished interview, [Judit Reigl] tells Janos Gat – her gallery owner, friend and expert on her work – about her life and how she was involved in her artistic work from the very first moments, from her birth until the months before her death.”
(excerpt from the preface of “Judit Reigl, interview with Janos Gat”, by Camille Morineau, director of AWARE)

The book prepared for the awarding of this prize contains the artist’s account of her career, her work and the relationship that irrevocably links these two aspects of her life throughout her lifetime.

AWARE: Archives of Women Artists, Research and Exhibitions
A non-profit association co-founded in 2014 and directed by Camille Morineau, curator of heritage and art historian specialising in women artists. “AWARE’s great scientific ambition is to rewrite art history in a parity-oriented way. It is high time to put women artists back on the same level as their male counterparts and to make their works known.”
Since its creation in 2014, AWARE has been working to make 19th and 20th century women artists visible by producing and posting free, fully bilingual French/English content about their work on its website.

The AWARE Prize
Since their creation in 2017, the AWARE Awards for Women Artists have been concerned both with making visible the work of an artist who began her career within the last 10 years and thus highlighting work that is still little known to institutions or the art market thanks to the award; but also with paying tribute to an artist whose career deserved a new look, increased recognition through the Honorary Award.
Judit Reigl was the first recipient of the AWARE Honorary Prize.

Janos Gat
Born in 1952 in Budapest, Janos Gat is a writer and art dealer. In 1993, he opened a gallery in New York where he contributed to the discovery of major European artists such as Judit Reigl, Wolf Vostell, Istvan Fàrkas and Ra’anan Levy. He gradually developed a strong friendship with Judit Reigl and became his main dealer, organising more than ten exhibitions for him and thus gaining recognition for his work in Europe and across the Atlantic.

Thursday 18 November – 6 pm – 8.30 pm
Dina Vierny Gallery
36 Rue Jacob, 75006 Paris

Partnership with the AWARE association.

(The book is available at the Dina Vierny Gallery, in French or English, for 15 EUR).


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